Children and Young People's Rights Department

The Ararteko’s Children and Young People’s Rights Department, set up in 2010, ensures that the children's perspective is present throughout the institution's activity. In a similar way to the other areas of the organisation, it processes and investigates the queries and complaints submitted by children, directly or through their legal representatives, or any others affecting them.

This work, which is "reactive" to a certain extent to what somebody (a person, a group) or something (a possible violation of rights that comes to our attention through the media or other channels) reports to us, is supplemented by other more proactive lines of work. The lines include measures aimed at encouraging collective and collaborative networking, at disseminating the culture of the rights of the child and, in particular, at empowering children and young people to participate and be heard.

The institution of the Ararteko is committed to fostering behaviour within its organisation that is coherent with protecting and the best interest of the child. It is thus a safe institution for children and young people and therefore has a policy to protect children and young people. The policy embodies our organisation's commitment to the general protection goal and seeks to guarantee the highest personal and professional standards of conduct, so that no harm is done to children and young people when participating in activities or projects of the Ararteko.

Consejo de la Infancia y adolescencia

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