Request publications

All the Ararteko publications are available to be downloaded from the website.

Only the Ararteko Annual Report is currently published on paper.

You can use any of the following channels to get a copy of the Ararteko publications available in physical formats (paper, CD or DVD):

  • Email
  • Telephone: 945135118
  • By post: Prado 9, 01005 Vitoria-Gasteiz
  • In person, at any of  the three offices

Please include the title of the publication in question and the number of copies required. If copies are available, we will send them to you by one of the following means:

  • If the shipment is to any of the provincial capitals where the Ararteko is based, you can collect the requested publications from our offices. 
  • Otherwise, it will be sent by post to the address indicated. Postage costs will be paid by the person ordering the publication.

You can check availability in the  Ararteko Publication Catalogue.